How We Do It

Aluminum Pipe and TubeWhat is the RFQ & Sales Process? – “How We Do It”

1.     Request For Quote: metalmen receives your RFQ via email or phone call.

Questions or Clarifications are answered and discussed.


  • Non-Standard Materials
  • Dimensions: Part Size or Minimum Width
  • Unusual Specs or Physical Properties
  • Other Background Information

Aluminum ExtrusionsOur staff is trained to ask pointed questions in order for us to determine a way forward, toward the goal of providing an offer, and getting you the material you need. Please note that not every RFQ is a good fit for our market position. Please allow us to review your request to determine if metalmen can serve you.

2.     Sourcing & Processing: We then do our work of determining what it’ll take to answer your RFQ.


  • Is the material in our warehouse?
  • Do we need to source your material via?
    • Mills
    • Depot Stock
    • Other Warehouse Stock

•    Do we need to process your order?

  • Shearing
  • Saw Cutting
  • Polishing
  • Slitting
  • Heat-Treating
  • Grinding
  • Rolling
  • Forging
  • Milling
  • Plasma, Laser or Waterjet Cutting

Aluminum ExtrusionsThis can take 1 hour, or depending on how complicated the RFQ is, it could take days.

3.     E-Quote: metalmen documents with an easy-to-read e-quote to your inbox.

The e-quote will state:

  • Alloy, Temper, Spec, Dimensions, Tolerances, Schedule, FOB point, etc.

All critical details are stated in plain language.  This represents our commitment to you. We then both have an e-quote organized by date.

4.     Ordering:

To place an order:

  • Call in or email and refer to your e-quote date
  • State the name of your company and the salesperson you worked with.
  • Our staff will walk you through order entry.

5.     Payment: We’re happy to take credit cards on the phone.

6.     Shipping: Please provide your shipping preference, like UPS account number, or preferred carrier.

7.     Terms: If you request terms, we’ll need three trade references, and banking info. This often takes a day or so, depending on response time of the firms you provide.

8.     Certification: metalmen provides certification for all of our material.

9.     Order Completion: We then process your order and ship according to the schedule stated in the quote.  We’re obsessive about on-time delivery and customer service.

That’s “How We Do It”.