Metalmen Sales Medical Grade Titanium Sheet

Supply solutions for standard and non-standard requests in Commercially Pure Titanium and Titanium Alloys. If you require a small quantity, or an unusual dimension, we can draw on our inventory or source from our deep network of stockists, producers and processors.metalmen offers supply solutions for standard and non-standard requests in Commercially Pure Titanium and Titanium Alloys. If you require a small quantity, or an unusual dimension, we can draw on our inventory or source from our deep network of stockists, producers and processors.

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Titanium (Ti)

Titanium is categorized: commercially pure grade titanium (Ti) and titanium alloys. These metals are lightweight, strong, resistant to corrosion, and can be formed as easy as stainless steel. Alloying titanium with other metals increases its strength. Alloyed Ti is used in applications for aircraft, spacecraft, golf clubs, bicycles, crutches and other components.

Metalmen Sales Aircraft Grade Titanium Plate

  • Commercially Pure Ti
    • Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 7.
  • Titanium Alloys
    • 6AL – 4V (Grade 5)
    • 6AL – 4V ELI (Grade23)
    • 3AL – 2.5V (Grade 9)

Commercially Pure Titanium

CP Titanium has a lower thermal expansion and shrinkage than stainless steel. It has been used in the medical field for many years. Examples of medical devices include: joint replacement parts, dental implants, pacemaker housings, and surgical instruments. CP Ti is environmentally friendly as it does not release toxic heavy metal ions by corrosion. It does not pit, and is free from crevice and stress corrosion. It is broken into four grades.

Grade 1

Titanium Grade 1 is the most malleable of the grades of Ti. It has the highest formability, superb corrosion resistance and high impact toughness. It is most commonly available in the form of sheets and plates. It is primarily used for applications where formability is necessary. These applications include: architecture, medical industry, marine industry, auto parts, airframe structures, and chemical processing.

Grade 2

Titanium Grade 2 is slightly stronger than Grade 1, but otherwise shares a lot of the same qualities. It is also corrosion resistant. Grade 2 is known for its weldability. Like all other titanium grades, it is also strong. It does not lose its strength when it is deformed, making it very ductile and formable. Grade 2 Ti is usually purchased in bars, tubing, pipes, sheets and plates. The types of applications Grade 2 is used for include: architecture, power generation, medical industry, airframe skin, chemical processing, marine industry and hydro-carbon processing.

Grade 3

Titanium Grade 3 is the least used of the grades. It is stronger than Grades 1 and 2, similar in ductility, a little less formable, but it has higher mechanicals than Grades 1 and 2. If your application requires mid-range strength but massive corrosion resistance, Grade 3 is what you will want to use. Grade 3 applications include: chemical processing, medical and marine industries, and aerospace structures.

Grade 4

Titanium Grade 4 is the strongest of the pure Ti Grades. It is known for its corrosion resistance, and good formability and weldability. Grade 4 is used for applications where high strength is required. These applications include: heat exchangers, surgical hardware, cryogenic vessels, and airframe components.

6Al 4V (Grade 5)

Titanium Grade 5, also known as 6AI-4V, is the most commonly used titanium alloy. It can be heat treated to increase its strength. Grade 5 is lightweight and strong. It is formable and highly resistant to corrosion. Its applications are used in aerospace, medical, marine, and chemical processing industries. It can be used to make items like aircraft turbines, sports equipment, marine application, engine components and high-performance automatic parts.

Grade 7 (CP w/ Pd adder)

Metalmen Sales Surgical Grade Titanium SheetTitanium Grade 7 has superb weldability and fabricality. It is also the most corrosion resistant of all the titanium alloys. Grade 7 is used in chemical processes and production of equipment components.

6AL-4EV ELI (Grade 23)

Titanium Grade 23 is very ductile. It is used for medical and dental applications. It is lightweight, resistant to corrosion and tough. It can be used in biomedical components and intricate surgical procedures. Examples include: orthopedic cables, pins and screws, ligature clips, surgical staples, orthodontic appliances, cryogenic vessels, bone fixation devices, and springs.

3AL-2.5V (Grade 9)

Titanium Alloy 3AL-2.5V (Grade 9) falls between Grade 4 and Grade 5 when it comes to strength. Like the other grades, it has fantastic corrosion resistance. It is used in applications in the aerospace and industrial industries. Grade 9 can be used in higher temperatures than the first four Grades. It also has good cold rolling elements. It can be used for mild oxidizing media and has good weldability.

Supply of Ti for Industrial and Commercial Applications

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Titanium Alloys

Commercially Pure Grades

GradeAMS/MIL SpecsASTM Specs
Grade 1AMS-T-9046B CP4
AMS 4940 MIL-T-9046J CP4
ASTM B265 Gr1 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr1 pipe
ASTM B338 Gr1 tube
ASTM B348 Gr1 bar
ASTM F67 Gr1 Surgical Implant
Grade 2Grade 2 AMS-T-9046B CP3
AMS 4902 MIL-T-9046J CP3
AMS 4941
AMS 4942
AMS 4951 Welding wire
ASTM B265 Gr2 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr2 pipe
ASTM B338 Gr2 tube
ASTM B348 Gr2 bar
ASTM F67 Gr2 Surgical Implant
Grade 3AMS-T-9046B CP2
AMS 4900
MIL-T-9046J CP2
ASTM B265 Gr3 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr3 pipe
ASTM B338 Gr3 tube
ASTM B348 Gr3 bar
ASTM F67 Gr3 Surgical Implant
Grade 4AMS-T-9046B CP1
AMS-T-9047A CP70
AMS 4901
AMS 4921 MIL-T-9046J CP1
MIL-T-9047G CP70
ASTM B265 Gr4 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr4 pipe
ASTM B338 Gr4 tube
ASTM B348 Gr4 bar
ASTM F67 Gr4 Surgical Implant
Grade 7ASTM B265 Gr7 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr7 pipe
ASTM B338 Gr7 tube
ASTM B348 Gr7 bar

Alpha-Beta Titanium Alloys

GradeUS SpecsASTM Specs
Grade 5 6Al-4VAMS 4907 ELI
AMS 4911
AMS 4928
AMS 4930 ELI
AMS 4931 ELI Duplex ann
AMS 4963
AMS 4965
AMS 4967
AMS 4985
AMS 4991
AMS 6931
AMS 6932
MIL-T-9046J AB-1
MIL-T-9046J AB-2 (ELI)
MIL-T-9046H Type 3 Comp C
MIL-T-9046H Type 3 Comp D
AMS-T-9046B AB-1
AMS-T-9046B AB-2 (ELI)
MIL-T-9047G 6Al-4v
MIL-T-9047G 6Al-4v (ELI)
AMS-T-9047A 6Al-4v
AMS-T-9047A 6Al-4v (ELI)
ASTM B265 Gr5 Sheet/plate
ASTM B348 Gr5 bar
ASTM F136 Gr5 Implant Grade
Grade 9 3Al-2.5VAMS 4943
AMS 4944
AMS 4945
AMS-T-9046B AB-5
AMS-T-9047A 3Al-2.5V
MIL-T-9046J AB-5
MIL-T-9047 3Al-2.5V
ASTM B265 Gr6 Sheet/plate
ASTM B348 Gr6 bar
Grade 23 6Al-4V ELIAMS 4907
AMS 4930
AMS 6932
AMS-T-9046 AB-2 6AL-4V (ELI)
AMS-T-9047 AB-2 6AL-4V (ELI)
MIL-T-9046 AB-2 6AL-4V (ELI)
MIL-T-9047 6AL-4V (ELI)
ASTM B265 Gr23 sheet/plate/strip
ASTM B348 Gr23 bar/billet
ASTM F136 Gr23 Implant Grade

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